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Be enchanted by the beauty of Cape Verde, the Green Cape Islands of volcanic origin.

The hospitality and warmth of the locals, beautiful beaches, excellent cuisine, cultural sites and breathtaking scenery are just a few of the reasons to choose Cape Verde as your second home destination.

The Cape Verde Islands are the ideal choice for those seeking relaxation in an exotic setting, endless white beaches and azure blue ocean. In short, for those looking for tranquillity in a tropical paradise. The archipelago of ten large and several small islands in the Atlantic Ocean offers a huge diversity. Unique nature, long sandy beaches, a wide range of water sports and year-round sunny weather. The Cape Verde weather is extremely pleasant, with year-round temperatures of 24-29 °C. Thanks to the breezy winds, however, it is never oppressively hot.

The possibilities of buying property in Cape Verde can be attractive to many people because of the stable political environment, the stable climate, the exotic setting and the growing tourist industry on these islands.

Investing in property in Cape Verde can be a good opportunity for those looking for a stable and promising property market with the potential for future growth and investment appreciation.

Cape Verde is the ideal place for an active holiday and a relaxing beach holiday.

The island with its perfect white sand beaches and clear sea beckons for water sports of all kinds. Especially diving, Shark Bay (Bahia das Gatas) on the east of Boa Vista is a renowned snorkelling site.
Other water sports include surfing, windsurfing, parasailing and kitesurfing, as well as fishing.

Sal Island's salt mines are popular for their healing properties.

Golf lovers can enjoy the Viveiro Golf & Country Club on Sal.

For hiking enthusiasts, the evergreen, beautiful Serra da Malagueta mountain range on Santiago Island is ideal. Pico de Fogo, a fiery mountain full of life, invites you to hike up the volcano (it reaches 2,829 metres above sea level).

Cartares on Boa Vista - Ervatão beach is the third most important nesting site of the kareta turtle in the world.

Cidade Velha - the first city of the islands, built by the Portuguese in 1462. From here the settlement of the islands and the thriving slave trade began. It is also Cape Verde's only contribution to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located on Santiago Island.


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