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We can help you get your dream property.
Find your second home by the sea.

Investing in real estate by the sea brings several advantages:

  1. Attractiveness for tourists: properties by the sea have a great potential for renting to tourists. People like to travel to the sea for holidays and look for accommodation right on the coast. This way you can achieve high rental yields and increase your return on investment.

  2. An active market: Properties by the sea are often sought after on the property market, which means they are relatively easy to sell or rent. Due to the constant interest in this location, you are likely to be able to recoup your investment.

  3. Natural value protection: the value of property by the sea is generally stagnant or rising. This is especially true for attractive locations with limited direct access to the sea. Investing in beachfront property can therefore be a stable and safe investment option in the long term.

  4. Recreational use: If you choose to invest in a beachfront property, you will be able to use it as a holiday home for yourself and your family. You will have access to the sea, beach and other coastal activities, which can be very enjoyable and fun.

  5. Potential for development: a residential area by the sea can have a high potential for development. Thanks to tourism, investment in infrastructure and other factors, you can count on the value of your investment appreciating in the future.


Kotva Aparmany
Apartments for sale by the sea - Cape Verde


We offer you the opportunity to invest in apartments with different sizes and prices, according to your preferences. The best time to invest in Cape Verde apartments is now. Cape Verde investment apartments have high potential for rental and value growth. Due to the growing tourism in Cape Verde, the demand for accommodation is increasing, ensuring a stable and profitable investment.

Kotva Pozemky


Construction and agricultural lands
We offer lucrative investment building land in Cape Verde and agricultural land with fertile soil of volcanic origin.

Cape Verde lands .jpg
Villas for sale on the beach - Cape Verde


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Kotva Vily


A week's holiday in Cape Verde for two, with an investment of over EUR 180 000.

Zero interest, possibility of payment in up to 5 instalments.

The tax on the registration of flats is only 0.2%.

EU investment protection guarantee.

Return on investment within 7 years.

Assistance in applying for a Cape Verde Green Card for investments over EUR 150 000

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