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Unique villa construction project. You choose the island and we build a turnkey villa within 6 months. We offer two financing options. We will build the villa on the land you choose and we own. We offer to build a villa on one of the 10 islands of the popular holiday destination Cape Verde.

At SONHOS RESIDENCE II we believe that true independence is not just an unattainable dream, but a goal worth striving for. That's why we present luxury villas in Cape Verde that allow you to live in autonomy without having to sacrifice comfort.


Our two-storey villas, whether in the 5+1 or 5+ bedroom option, are designed to maximize your comfort and independence. The modern and spacious residences are equipped with wiring and preparation for solar panels with battery and also for air conditioning. We give you the opportunity to choose the technology that suits your needs and maintain a pleasant climate in the house with an independent source of renewable energy. With an average of an amazing 350 days of sunshine a year in Cape Verde, using solar energy is a natural fit.


Sonhos Villas are equipped with 3,000 litre water tanks so you never run out of water. Each villa also has a 28m2 saltwater pool, which provides refreshment on hot days.


And of course, all amenities and restaurants with authentic Cape Verdean cuisine full of fresh fish and seafood influenced by African and Portuguese traditions are within easy reach. From the terrace of Villa Sonhos you will admire the fascinating view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sonhos [soňos] means dreams in Portuguese, and in SONHOS RESIDENCE II these dreams become reality.


180 m2


350,000 EUR

from 200 m2



It's up to you - choose from the land we own.

Click on the icon in the map to see more information about the land for the construction of the villa.

Cape Verde-map_edited.jpg

We are completing and handing over the popular SONHOS villas and there is already an offer for the new phase of SONHOS II. Even more spacious, beautiful and with high utility and investment value. The new SONHOS II villas will adapt to your needs and offer a configuration for plots from 200 m2 to 1000 m2, and on larger plots if you wish. The light-filled villas with a generous swimming pool will provide maximum comfort and space not only for you but also for your friends.

Decide for yourself which financing model suits you:

1. The financing of SONHOS II is staggered in line with the construction.

    The deposit of 20% of the property price within five working days after signing the contract

    advance payment of 30% of the property price after completion of construction phase I according to the Contract specification

    advance payment of 20% of the property price upon completion of construction phase II as per the Contract specification.

    deposit of 20% of the property price within five days after issuance of the Notice of Completion

    additional payment of 10% of the property price within five days after the completion and signing of the proposal for registration of the new owner's ownership right in the Land Registry  

2. Financing of Villa SONHOS II at a discount

    deposit of 90% of the property price within five working days after signing the Contract.

    Additional payment of 10% of the price of the property within five days after completion and signing of the proposal for registration of the new owner's title in the Land Registry

    a discount of 3% on the total value of the property being purchased is granted

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